Monday, October 11, 2010

Oshawa has the highest assessment rates in the GTA and about the highest in Canada and citizens have had enough.

Citizens are realizing that their taxes have increased 13% over this last 4 year term of council despite the fact that costs have only increased by 6.56% as measured by the inflation index over the same period. They've realized that Mayoral Candidate, Louise Parkes, has taken a giant 54% windfall gain in her salary and expense spending over the first 3 years of this current term with results not yet reported for 2010. How many Oshawa citizens have enjoyed her 18% annual compensation gains in this "tough time" economy?  Her election signs call for "fair taxation."  I guess that's to pay for her giant 54% compensation gains this term.  Citizens have had enough of this feeding at the public tax-trough at our expense!

City Politicians spend far too much time looking after their own interests---their salaries, perks, and entitlements.  The latest benefit politicians very recently awarded themselves, just before this election, and which generated significant voter anger was lifetime health benefits which resulted from a motion introduced by Mayoral Candidate John Henry.  This will provide lifetime protection for those politicians who are retiring and those who will be defeated in this election.

Citizens are realizing that a $350,000 Oshawa house is taxed at about $1200 more than if it was moved across the town line into Clarington, Scugog, or Whitby. Tax savings from moving your house to our neighbouring municipalities would fund you an annual winter cruise in the Caribbean!

Citizens are realizing that a $350,000 Oshawa house pays more taxes than a $450,000 house in 23 of 25 GTA municipalities, pays more taxes than a $550,000 house in 16 of 25 GTA municipalities, and pays more taxes than a $750,000 house in 3 of 25 GTA municipalities. Citizens are realizing that a $350,000 Oshawa house pays the same taxes as an $880,000 Toronto house. No wonder the tax revolt is under way.

High Oshawa taxes discourage home purchases here depressing house values and robbing every home owner of tens of thousands of dollars in home equity. It's high taxes that give Oshawa the cheapest housing in the GTA.

That's why Bill Longworth is promising 3% annual tax cuts until our tax rates reach the average of the GTA He wants to be the citizens' "Tax Pit Bull" attacking the fat, waste, inefficiencies and reckless "drunken sailor," "kids in the candy store," "impulse spending" at every turn.  We have to plan our spending programs and we can only have what we can afford.  Bill Longworth's tax cuts will put "real" money---"Bill Bucks" in your pocket every year.

You can check your tax bill to see what your savings will be that you can take to the bank when Bill Longworth is elected Oshawa's next mayor.